REMINDER: LMA YHA Submissions Due Friday (1/14)

This is a reminder that the submission deadline for the LMA Northwest Your Honor Awards is coming up! 

Submission Deadline:  5:00 p.m., Friday, January 14, 2011
Details available here.

2010 LMA Northwest Your Honor Awards

What is it?   LMA Northwest Your Honor Awards Program has been developed to recognize Pacific Northwest law firms that illustrate excellence in marketing and communications programs.
Submission Deadline:    
5:00 p.m., Friday, January 14, 2011
Awards Presentation:     Winter Social

                                              Wednesday, 1/26, 5:00-7:30pm
                                        Taphouse Bar & Grill

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Once Your Phone Starts Ringing - How to Work Web-Based Prospects

Posted by guest blogger, Kevin Kaiser, of Surety Bond Co., a surety bonding agency.

You've learned all the tricks to bring tons of leads into your business. But now you need to turn those leads into clients. People want to know that they are going to be working for a trustworthy lawyer that will be committed to their case and not just blow them off for easy money. Here are two big tips that are sure to help your practice succeed.

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Why You Should Be Optimizing Your Web Site Right Now

Posted by guest blogger, Kevin Kaiser, of

If you're reading Sogn Consulting, I'll already assume that you're familiar with some of the concepts and applications of SEO and PPC methods of driving people to your site. But when they get to the site that you've spent countless hours working to get them there, did you expect that the work is over for you and people will just start using your service. Well it's not that easy, so optimizing your conversion rate is an important part of an overall online marketing campaign.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of turning all those hard earned visitors to your site into leads, and ultimately, success for your business. It's free (just requires your time), easy, and usually there is an immediate effect. Here are a few tips to make sure your site is bringing in all the clients it can.

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LMA Luncheon: Social Media Marketing with Mark Britton, Avvo

Join your fellow LMA Members for a brown bag lunch featuring Mark Britton of Avvo. Mark will be discusssing:

Preserving the Core:
Marketing is moving online at a rapid clip. Already, there are myriad online alternatives for attorneys to market their practices and firms. Mark’s presentation will discuss the history of Web 2.0 and social media/marketing, and help legal marketers better understand how they can leverage these tools – most of them free – to reach their target audience. In particular, Mark will discuss the strategy of building a “Core Web Presence,” a necessary touchstone for any successful online marketing strategy

The cost is FREE!

Location: Stanislaw Ashbaugh Offices -701 Fifth Ave, Ste. 4400 Seattle

Tuesday, November 17 - 12:00-1:00

Bring your own lunch and to RSVP, email Annie Lombroia.

Working a Room in the Digital Age: Social Networking for Law Firms - Part II

An update to last year’s popular LMA program, Kevin O'Keefe, a nationally recognized authority on blogs and social networking, will give us the latest trends in social networking and discuss what social networking is, which social networking tools are effective, and how to successfully implement a social networking plan in your law firm.

Invite the lawyers from your firm so they can hear how networking online today is as important, if not more important, than networking offline!

Kevin will be presenting live in Seattle on May 19th and in Portland on May 21st.

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SEO Tip #10: "Click here" is SO 1999

I was just on a web site and it seemed like every few lines said, “click here for more information” and it got me thinking about 1) how distracting it was when reading the content, and 2) what a missed SEO opportunity.

There was a time when people needed to be guided as to where they needed to click for more information. But that time has passed. Now readers know that when the text is a different color and/or underlined, it means that it’s a link to more information. What’s more, search engines pay more attention to word and phrases that are hyperlinked. As a double bonus, these words and phrases are easy to visually scan and will draw people’s attention. See, made you look didn’t I?

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Free LMA webinar hosted by LMA Northwest

To show appreciation to our members, LMA Northwest will be hosting a get together to watch LMA's Webinar "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You" with Carol Greenwald, Ph.D., President, Marketing Partners.


When:   Wednesday, March 18 at 11:00


Stanislaw Ashbaugh
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4400
Seattle, WA 98104


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SEO Tip # 9: Check your link popularity

I know, I know, we all thought we outgrew the popularity contests in high school but those darn search engines are bringing us right back. To a search engine, it’s all about how popular you are and you can’t be popular amongst the dorks, you need to be popular with the cool people or it doesn’t really count.   To determine if you’re cool, search engines look at how many sites are linking to yours and the quality of those sites – the more popular the sites that like you, the more popular you become by association. It’s a high school e-deja vue (only former high school nerds are now often the cool people so who's getting the last laugh now…)

How do we know how many people are linking to us? 

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LMA Northwest: Turning Attorneys into Thought Leaders in Nine Semi-Painless Steps

Just about every legal-marketing expert agrees that attorneys with recognized expertise in a specific type of law command higher rates than the legions of the undistinguished.

But how does an attorney become a thought leader?

By turning to a legal marketer who’s heard Mark Firmani talk about the nine steps to creating thought leadership, that’s how.

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